2 Effective Water Filter Systems

2 Effective Water Filter Systems

Water filter systems are highly recommended for people who live in areas with a high level of pollution. If you find yourself in the same situation, these devices can help you eliminate all the contaminants that exist in the water, which means that they can help you create better standards of living. Improving your lifestyle and taking care of your family can have long term results, so try to take all the measures you can to protect your health and the health of your beloved ones.

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Although the tap water is treated with special solutions in order to become safe for drinking, it contains a high level of chlorine, and that can have a negative impact on the human body. Think about all the residues that you find on the surface of your sink and faucet. Too much fluoride and heavy metals can affect people’s health, and that is why you must take measures against these dangers. Furthermore, although chemical treatments might be effective in cleaning up your water, they can have serious side effects.

Many people think that boiling their water is more than enough to destroy the existing pathogens, but they are wrong. There are certain organisms and contaminants that resist even to some of the highest temperatures. So, our advice is to opt for a professional device that can solve this problem for you. The Aquasana AQ-4600 is one of the water filter systems that integrates a two-cartridge filter which can be installed under your sink. It features properties that can help you enjoy purified water, and it comes with a one-year warranty. If you are in need of a good home water filter, then this product can be perfect for even larger families as long as you don’t have serious water contamination issues.

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This product uses a three-stage filtration process that integrates a sub-micron filtration, a carbon filtration and a ion exchange system. It eliminates unpleasant odors and it removes pollutants like pesticides, mercury, herbicides and industrial solvents. The device’s operating temperature varies from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, if you want to make sure you purchase the best whole house water filter, you can opt for this product, or even other Aquasana products, depending on your needs.

  • The Clear2O Water Filtration Pitcher

If you are searching for water filter systems that can clean water very fast, we recommend you the Clear2O Water Filtration pitcher. This device features the ability to indicate when the 50-gallon filter life has been reached.

Its slim design allows you to fit it perfectly in your fridge, while the performance that it delivers can help you obtain water free of disinfectant byproducts, lead and organic particles. This carafe-style filter offers a fast operation as it takes less than 40 seconds to fill. It also integrates an indicator light which turns red after 50 reaching gallons.

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