Can you find any interesting thing to do in leisure time than using social networks for youngsters? Surely answer will be no and it is common truth to accept. We are living the digital world and everything is accessible through internet. Everyone is having mobile phone and it is the world for all younger people. They can live even without food for a day but not possible without mobile phones. Technology has developed a lot and people are getting in to machine life for their own happiness. Initially mobile phones are introduced for distance communication and to pass messages easily. But now it is completely changed and the people who are having mobile with internet connection are like having a whole world in hand.

Social media networks are very popular among the people and many new applications are introduced with various options. Making use of the social applications is the great entertainment for everyone and it helps us to spend our free time with friends. When we start chatting time will go very fast and gives us good feel. There are many applications available such as whatsapp, face book, twitter, instagram and many. All those apps helps us to stay connect with friends and we can extend the circle of friends. From morning to end of the day chatting is the only entertainment for many individuals. In the face book reading news feed is also the entertainment for many people. Once we start chatting it will be more interesting to chat with friends for long time. All the applications are having different features to enjoy and also it makes us stress free. It is having both advantages and disadvantages it depends on how are using it. Connect with your friends all time through social applications and spend your leisure time with enjoyment.